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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Confirmation of Enrolment (Coe) to study on a student visa if I study with your school?

Yes. We are a government accredited Education Provider: CRICOS Code 03382A. However, we don't accept every student who applies with us. We are a quality school and enroll students who are serious about their study and improving their English fast!

Where Can I Find your  Schedule?

We run our IELTS and General English courses for most of the year. Students can start on any Monday (except public holidays). Please contact us directly for information about start dates.

Can I visit the school?

Yes. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. We are located on Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt, opposite Garden City Shopping Centre.

What if I don't get my score?

We know that many students need to take the test several times even though they are 'ready' for the test. Performing at your best under test conditions is never easy. We will teach you how to manage nervousness and provide mock exam conditions for all the modules so you are fully prepared for your real test and don't need to waste money on multiple IELTS tests! We are confident that our IELTS course is the BEST in the business  - and our many happy past students are proof of this!

I have already studied IELTS courses and did not improve. Why should I trust you?

English Direct was born from a passion for helping students succeed. We care about your success and deliver results. Our many top student results speak for themselves.  Remember, there are no tricks or gimmicks to improving language. Just great courses, great teachers and hard working students! We are not happy until you are proudly holding your IELTS certificate.

How long do I need to study?

A minimum of 12 weeks for overseas students (on a student visa with us) and 4 weeks for local students (not on a student visa with us). For IELTS students 12 weeks will usually give students a .5 or 1 band band improvement. Speaking, reading and listening usually improve faster than writing. Allow around 12 weeks for a 1 band writing improvement if you are trying to achieve band 7 or 8 (5-6 is usually faster). It is important to be realistic - language learning takes time.  We will check your level before you start and advise you correctly about how long you will probably need to study. We don't want to waste any of your time or money and are committed to delivering results fast! You can rest assured there is no one who can deliver results faster than English Direct!

What if I am working?

Our courses are 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. Our lessons are intensive (but fun!) and students need to complete around 5 hours of homework per week in order to be successful. Be realistic and ensure that you have enough time to commit to your study so that you achieve your target results. However, many students work part time and on a student visa you are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight.